Famous Daughters: A night of awesome americana--presented by Mighty City

For those of you in/near St. Louis Mighty City is putting on a very special show Sunday November 2nd at The Demo in the Grove neighborhood of St. Louis (4191 Manchester Ave 63110). Mighty City booking client Hannah Aldridge--the daughter of famous country music composer Walt Aldridge, and Lilly Hiatt--daughter of famous composer/performer John Hiatt, will play a night of special solo acoustic Americana music. Opening for Hannah and Lilly will be a phenomenal local band from St. Louis named the Cara Louise Band. You will not want to miss this show. Tickets $10 in adv/day of show. Pre-sale here http://www.ticketfly.com/purchase/event/702389

Hannah Aldridge

Americana is the perfect concoction of American roots music that comprises our musical ethos as we know it today. It is something so engrained in our history, folklore, tradition, and mythology that it is not as simple as just "becoming" Americana, but rather, it is something that you are born into. It's that old cast-iron Coca-Cola sign that's been in your neighbor's shed for 50 years, a banjo and a Fender telecaster playing together, a 1955 Chevy with a modern stereo.

There are few artists that can truly encapsulate the essence and true range of Americana like Muscle Shoals artist Hannah Aldridge, whose musical pedigree precedes her and speaks for itself.

Hannah Aldridge is the daughter of Alabama Music Hall of Famer Walt Aldridge, who is one of the most prolific songwriters of the modern musical era. Twice named by Billboard magazine as one of the Top Country Songwriters of the year, ASCAP Songwriter of the Year, and countless Number One and Top Ten hits recorded by the likes of Lou Reed, Reba McEntire, Travis Tritt, Earl Thomas Conley, Ricky Van Shelton, Ronnie Milsap, and Conway Twitty.

With sounds ranging from blues in the Mississippi Delta to the dusty, dixieland jazz sounds from New Orleans, the musical stylings of Muscle Shoals on up to the primitive roots of American Country music, Hannah Aldridge leaves no inspiration or influence untapped.

"I think people have forgotten what real drums and real voices sound like. We have been so overexposed to these pre-packaged "#1 hits" that when there is anything that has any glimpse of truth or rawness to it, it is like a fresh breath of air. Americana music really is lyrically driven and is meant to make people think, which is the total opposite of most of the stuff out there on the radio, so I think that naturally people are being drawn towards it.", says Aldridge.

Besides being a seasoned staff songwriter for BAR Music with song placements in television shows like Hart of Dixie (CW) and recognition from American Songwriter as well as Relix Magazine, her vocal talents rarely go unrecognized, something that lends itself to being true to the Americana methodology of not using excessive "talent-enhancing" techniques in the studio or live. Both her natural and cultivated talent help her to emote with both listeners and musicians alike on a truly organic level.

Seasoned by both life events and musical events since the release of her first EP, "Wanderer" in 2011 (then "Unplugged and Unraveled" in 2012), Hannah's upcoming release "Razor Wire" shows a stark difference of growth in musical sensibility, writing, and maturity.
Hannah has toured all across the United States and Europe gaining a grassroots movement of fans that wait in silent adoration of the return of their Americana Heir Apparent Princess of Muscle Shoals.

Look for "Razor Wire" in May 2014.

Lilly Hiatt

Lilly Hiatt has a restless, adventurous spirit. Since releasing her debut record, Hiatt has been collecting experiences out on the road touring, during her time living in Austin and since moving back home to Nashville. Whether lived or dreamed, these observations are depicted in the songs on Hiatt’s upcoming sophomore album to be released on February 3rd on Normaltown Records/New West, Royal Blue.

Hiatt’s lyrics drive her songs and keep her grounded. “Songwriting is a means of processing life for me” she explains. “If I didn’t write, I’d be lost.” The sassy, playful songs on Royal Blue are a departure for Hiatt who until now mostly wrote heartbreakers. Hiatt opens up, letting the listener hear both her stumbles and her triumphs. She’s accepted where she’s been and admits she has no clue where she is going, but no matter what will continue writing songs.

Made in Nashville with producer Adam Landry (Deer Tick, k.d. lang, Middle Brother, Diamond Rugs, Sallie Ford), Royal Blue is Hiatt's first time recording analog. "My band, who I’ve been playing with for five years now, Adam and I got together for ten days to work together,” Hiatt says. “Adam is such a creative and energetic producer. He created an environment for us to let our guards down and really have fun making music together which I hope can be heard when listening to the record.”

Cara Louise Band

The Cara Louise bands consists of original singer/songwriter Cara Wegener, and her backing band; made up of members from local St. Louis act, Whale Shark. The band plays a classic country style fused with modern effects and twists, all the while staying truly consistent with the genre's folksy and humble roots.


Athens GA based Adam Klein & The Wild Fires to Join Mighty City Roster

Mighty City is thrilled to announce that folk/Americana artist Adam Klein and his band Adam Klein & The Wild Fires will join the Mighty City artist roster September 15th 2014. Adam's songwriting delivers a sense of authenticity rarely seen in artists of his genre, and we are excited to be supporting him in his artistic endeavors. Learn more about Adam here:



http://www.adam-klein.com/project/deploy/index.html (Music Stream)

Sky Blue DeVille videoJesse's Mind video

Mighty City booking brewery tour for Liz Fohl

Mighty City is very excited to announce it will be working with Los Angeles California based pop-artist Liz Fohl on her tour through the nation's breweries and ski lodges this fall and winter. Liz is about to release her phenomenal EP Old Trouble--it is available for pre-order here http://www.lizfohl.com/store/old-trouble-ep .

Check out the new video and single from her EP as well right here http://vimeo.com/96973672

Tour dates forthcoming!

Mighty City booking tour for alt-country musician Tawny Ellis

Mighty City is extremely excited to announce it is the exclusive booking agent for Tawny Ellis' upcoming Southern tour. Confirmed dates arranged by Mighty City (with a few more to be finalized) are the following:

8-18-14    The Demo Saint Louis, MO
8-19-14    The Basement Nashville TN (early show)
8-19-14    Bobby's Idle Hour Tavern Nashville TN (late show)
8-20-14   Tangled String Studio Huntsville AL
8-21-14    Singin' River Brewery Florence AL
8-22-14    Live in studio performance on WUGA-Athens
8-22-14    Hendershots Athens GA
8-23-14    Red Light Café Atlanta GA
8-26-14    Dollhouse Productions, Savannah GA
8-27-14    The Hummingbird Macon GA
8-28-14    The Nick Birmingham AL
8-30-14    The Beatnik New Orleans LA 



Relentlessness--A great brand for your band

We have written in the past on this blog about brands-- which in a lot of ways really just means your band--and its music and how you approach it. The importance of being true to yourself and your fans, the importance of not cheapening your brand by making your music free all the time (ok to do in selective situations yes--should be more the exception though and not the rule), the importance of being passionate and having passionate management (which can greatly enhance your band/brand), etc..

But what about relentlessness? To be successful in the competitive world of music and today's music industry, one needs to have 5 words inscribed into your scull that must always remain there.

                                            They are "failure is not an option."

Now wait a minute--bands and musicians fail all the time right? They write material that does not gel, they play an off gig, they release a well intentioned  album that does not resonate with critics and fans.

                                                               Yes they do.

Its how they react to these set backs that separates great bands and successful musicians apart from the crowded pack of the others. Those who never give up and use these experiences to learn, make them better and stronger, and more resilient for inevitable future disappointments and successes will win over the long haul. Those who sulk, blame, crawl into a turtle shell, or otherwise give up do not and will not.

You see, once you lose relentlessness, you lose focus and drive and thus competitive advantage and peculiarity from the pack. Peculiarity is so important in a world where there is literally free and available music everywhere (As one of my friends recently said, today's music industry is like exploring outer space--it literally goes on forever and you can easily get lost).

I once worked for a guy who taught me so much about never giving up. Being someone who approached his job by working his tail off all the time you would think there was no room for improvement, but he taught me there was. In the downturn of one of the worst markets of all time--when no one was doing anything (right?), he would be ultra positive, grab and hold onto what at times were seemingly futile business opportunities, and never let go--and win. Relentlessness and drive and positivity meant outlasting the competition and winning, even when it seemed like giving up made more sense to me or failure was inevitable.

The Mighty City brand is one of fighting like crazy for our musician clients and working harder than anyone (on your behalf) so you can succeed--despite whatever obstacles you perceive to be in front of you. We love music, we are relentless fans/supporters of whom we work with, and when we encounter obstacles (which we inevitably do) we do not give up but keep moving forward without stopping until the end game of our client's success is reached.

Contact us today to see how we can help you run through your next brick wall 314.326.5417/doug@mightycitymusic.com