Relentlessness--A great brand for your band

We have written in the past on this blog about brands-- which in a lot of ways really just means your band--and its music and how you approach it. The importance of being true to yourself and your fans, the importance of not cheapening your brand by making your music free all the time (ok to do in selective situations yes--should be more the exception though and not the rule), the importance of being passionate and having passionate management (which can greatly enhance your band/brand), etc..

But what about relentlessness? To be successful in the competitive world of music and today's music industry, one needs to have 5 words inscribed into your scull that must always remain there.

                                            They are "failure is not an option."

Now wait a minute--bands and musicians fail all the time right? They write material that does not gel, they play an off gig, they release a well intentioned  album that does not resonate with critics and fans.

                                                               Yes they do.

Its how they react to these set backs that separates great bands and successful musicians apart from the crowded pack of the others. Those who never give up and use these experiences to learn, make them better and stronger, and more resilient for inevitable future disappointments and successes will win over the long haul. Those who sulk, blame, crawl into a turtle shell, or otherwise give up do not and will not.

You see, once you lose relentlessness, you lose focus and drive and thus competitive advantage and peculiarity from the pack. Peculiarity is so important in a world where there is literally free and available music everywhere (As one of my friends recently said, today's music industry is like exploring outer space--it literally goes on forever and you can easily get lost).

I once worked for a guy who taught me so much about never giving up. Being someone who approached his job by working his tail off all the time you would think there was no room for improvement, but he taught me there was. In the downturn of one of the worst markets of all time--when no one was doing anything (right?), he would be ultra positive, grab and hold onto what at times were seemingly futile business opportunities, and never let go--and win. Relentlessness and drive and positivity meant outlasting the competition and winning, even when it seemed like giving up made more sense to me or failure was inevitable.

The Mighty City brand is one of fighting like crazy for our musician clients and working harder than anyone (on your behalf) so you can succeed--despite whatever obstacles you perceive to be in front of you. We love music, we are relentless fans/supporters of whom we work with, and when we encounter obstacles (which we inevitably do) we do not give up but keep moving forward without stopping until the end game of our client's success is reached.

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