Why Your Management Should Be Passionate

A lot goes into the business and management of a band. There are good times, downright frustrating times, and everything in between. Gigs that go great, and not as well as you had hoped. Ups and downs and highs and lows. All of these times and emotions are perfectly suited for a good manager. Over and above everything, a good manager is a sounding board, someone who can offer advice, and generally be super positive no matter the situation.

What else does Mighty City recommend you look for when seeking a manager? There are a lot of requirements. Good business sense, excellent communication skills and background, professional integrity, a strategic firm that looks out for the best interests of the artist and their art (while also looking for opportunities to help the artist exploit their art for financial gain)----yes of course.

What else? All of the above does not mean anything without another key element---Passion. Your management should be as passionate about your music as you are--maybe even more so. At Mighty City we are huge fans of music and the artists we represent and work with--we would not have it any other way.

We can't fake it, and neither should you. If we don't like the music we cannot represent or work with you. If we do dig your music we can't wait to get at it everyday and work our tail off to get your music out into the world through the media, shows, and everywhere else possible.

A passionate management is a motivated management that can help you the artist succeed--plain and simple. Our mission and passion is to help the highly talented (if not underappreciated) artist whose music we love go farther.

Let's take a journey together. For more information on working with us, call us at 314.326.5417 or via email at doug@mightycitymusic.com

- Doug


Postscript for a lost friend:

About a year ago one of Mighty City's musician friends from college took his own life in Seattle. Though we had not stayed in close touch over the years the fact this happened is still with us everyday. Feelings of shock, disbelief, sadness, and other emotions too many to mention. Ethan Smith you were a great dude, great guitar player, and well liked by all. We dedicate our efforts in the music industry to you and your family and to aspiring musicians everywhere. Peace brother.